Paris Here We Come… (and not for dancing!)

The wings of change have arrived in Women’s Cycling! For the first time in history we will have a race named La Course hosted by Le Tour on the final day of the tour de France on the Champs-Élysées just hours before the men roll in to their iconic finale, central Paris.

Our race will be broadcast to the world. The TDF as a whole attracts a worldwide television audience of approximately 3.5 BILLION people, through 188 countries across 121 television channels!

This is a game changer for our peloton, an opportunity to showcase our sport to the world – fans and potential investors, who at present merely get a glimpse of what women look like on bikes.

I am thrilled and honoured to be selected in the Australian National team who have been granted one of the elusive places on the start list of this year’s premier women’s UCI calendar event! Keep an eye out on my social media channels for the lead up…



Barrels of Opportunity

Sometimes the sets just come rolling in – you are on top, riding each wave in succession, in control, flying effortlessly. Other times the wash churns, you are dumped by the small angry ones, caught in the riptide. That is the very nature of nature of a professional athlete’s life, a life that is unpredictably unique.

It is no secret that things have not gone smoothly here in the past 18 months since the 2012 World Championships. Major oral surgery, a season-ending knee injury last year and being hit by a Range Rover on a training ride in February. Enough said!

What I want to celebrate is opportunity…

The opportunity I have had to learn how to ride the rough waves – and find the delightful barrel through the middle, staying upright and focused on light ahead. Embracing this as part of the thrill, the adrenalin and satisfaction of the ride. On a normal day the pro cyclist is pushing out watts solo up a mountain, going to bed early, living a disciplined life oriented towards one’s ambition. Podiums, TV cameras, and glistening medals represent small and infrequent moments.

If we don’t embrace the rough and tumble of the ride, so much of what can be a spectacular journey is missed. We learn little when things go perfectly. We thrive from the curveballs, twists, turns and ultimately triumphs over ugly, unwanted circumstances – challenged to stop, think, feel, act and change. This gives life to new and alternative stimuli, a catalyst to transform any given situation.

Self-instilling the capacity to turn life’s obstacles into opportunities is what being an athlete, and more importantly, being human is all about – a life skill to be learned, trained, practiced and cherished. Accomplishing each challenge amalgamates, gathers momentum and one day does become glory.

Being healthy and injury free, I am looking forward to some incredible opportunities for the remainder of the season, a full race program with the Australian National Team building towards selection for this year’s World Championships, my ultimate ambition in late September.

I love to share what I am learning on this journey, to give others the insight to know what is in fact possible if you search, learn and discover that you can win your own race every single day of your life. There is a rip roaring barrel waiting for you in every set that rolls in, find it, grasp it and make it your own…


2014 Season Kicks Off…

Settled with a great three weeks training under the belt in Europe has kicked off my Spring nicely. Luck has been on our side this year with early spring being gloriously warm and dry – a dream for road cyclists (especially those from the southern hemisphere)!

I’m looking forward to lining up in my Aussie kit tomorrow with the Jayco AIS National team for my first UCI World Cup of the year – Trofeo Binda Citiglio, in the Varese region of Northern Italy.

Here is a nice race preview

After a somewhat rocky February I couldn’t be happier with my progress, having encountered an unfortunate accident being hit by a large vehicle while training in Adelaide on the 6th Feb – I’m considering my situation fortunate and grateful to be pinning numbers on!

While putting in the long hours of preparation training in my home base of Lucca, Toscana, I never forget to embrace the sensational seasonal goodness of all that surrounds me.

More from the road soon with plenty more racing on the women’s UCI circuit in the next weeks…..

Love from Scott….


A huge thanks to Scott Australia, via Shepard Cycles, for the support here on Aussie soil. I am proud to be continuing my representation of such a classy bicycle!