4 / 10 / 2016

 My RIO and beyond.....

Ever since I was young I have been mesmerised by the Olympic Games. I woke at obscure hours to catch glimpses of green and gold in action, recited speeches from opening ceremonies and pasted medal winning photos in scrapbooks. 

A ten year old me was captivated.

With insurmountable momentum it perpetuated my deep desire to one day be one of them. Little did I know but the bricks and mortar of my very own dream were being laid.

A wide eyed kid with a dream, an energetic teenager with a passion, a uni student with a desire, a sports physiotherapist with a vision, ultimately realising I was on the wrong side of the fence. 

At a tipping point, my innate desire could not be extinguished. I simply had to make a bold leap of faith and try.

Since that day almost eight years ago when I packed up my apartment in Sydney, closed the door on my physio career, moved to Adelaide beginning life as a ‘cyclist’, I have never looked back.

Today it is a truly extraordinary feeling to say these words; I am an Olympian.

Eight weeks ago I had the opportunity and glorious responsibility to perform for my country Australia, in Rio de Janeiro. 

It’s been a unique, bold, challenging but wonderfully satisfying journey. Overcoming a constant myriad of mental physical and emotional obstacles, I've oscillated between sheer heartbreak and pure glory. 

I have celebrated every opportunity to learn, grow and thrive from adversity, persistence and resilience have became core to my quest.

Celebrating insight from every unique twist in the road has been pivitol in making me the athlete, but more importantly the person I am.

Recent 'success' has been born out of refining race craft and aligning facets of my performance environment, paralleled with a deep sense of awareness when exactly in the right place - calmly confidently embracing a complete athletic life. 

I have built and enjoyed the company of an irreplaceable support network over the past few years. My family, friends, coaches, sponsors, mentors and supporters. In many wonderful ways you have stood by me and my vision - to excel as a world class cyclist. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The capacity to engage with others along the way has been uniquely special. There is no greater feeling than sharing inspiration, empowering another to enrich their life by exuding raw passion in what I do. 

This is simply a gift on par with a podium.

Absorbing time with family, friends and a good dose of perspective since my Olympic race, I want to celebrate my journey to this point, not missing a final destination. 

In dealing with the disappointment of my final performance 'result' Rio has exposed great lessons of vulnerability and acceptance. In essence, the Olympics have been another beautiful chaper in my story, not mearley an unascended summit.

Having completed at an Olympic games is an absolute honour, what it's brought to my life will remain forever. Every inch of the road traveled has had extraordinary rewards, embracing each is a victory far beyond the elusive dias.

In looking forward, this opportunity to achieve athletic excellence remains my unrelenting desire and I can't wait to see where the ride leads next!

12 / 7 / 2016


You can follow my journey on my AOC Profile!


Here's a few words on my selection in the Australian Olympic Team for Rio!


I am absolutely thrilled to share the exciting news that I have been selected in the Australian Women’s Road Cycling Team for the Rio Olympics!!!

What a truly extraordinary feeling to say these words; I am becoming an Olympian...

It’s a day to celebrate my journey, but not an arrival. My sights now have moved well past the plane ticket and Aussie uniform, my focus is on the task at hand. The opportunity to achieve mastery and athletic excellence at an Olympic games is an honour and I am ready to do you all proud. It feels blissfully good to say I’m officially on my Road to Rio.

28 / 6 / 2016


Yesterday was a beautiful day... I took the GP Plumelec win solo with the support of some amazing young Aussie talent. It was a very special victory in many ways, a long awaited return to the top step in Europe & my first UCI 1.1 win!

This eloquently sums up where I'm at... just taking one day at a time, relishing in the beautiful journey. Thanks Cycling News for the lovely piece.

"NSWIS cyclist Rachel Neylan has chalked up the first world pro win of her career, taking out the 1.1 ranked Grand Prix de Plumelec-Morbihian in France with a powerful 1200m solo effort across the line. Neylan attributed the win to the team tactics, acknowledging she couldn't have done it without them" - NSWIS

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10 / 1 / 2016

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