after an incredible week… here is an enormous thank you

This has truly been the most incredible week…. I have had some happy times in my life but nothing could have prepared me for this. Last Saturday I raced the World Championships and won the Silver Medal for Australia. The first women’s road worlds medal in seven years. I am completely honoured, proud and humbled by not only the opportunity to gain such a result and standing on that podium but by the overwhelming support, wishes and genuine happiness that has been flowing my way all week.

Specific thank you has to go to my team mates… Tiffany Cromwell, Gracie Elvin, Loren Rowney, Jessie Maclean, Shara Gillow and Amanda Spratt,  it was a team ride and the result is shared equally between us. It was a pleasure to race with a wonderful group of six women.

A HUGE thank you to my coach Tim Decker from SASI who has been integral to my development in many ways over the past few years, who knows the brilliant balance between the carrot and the stick and has never let me loose sight of my goals.

Secondly to Cycling Australia for their support and execution of the race… it could not have been more professional, calm and positively stimulating environment to race in.

Third, to all my partners for their long term support over the past few years every little bit on and off the bike goes a long way in helping to achieve optimal performance.

Last and by far not least to my dear family and friends… I am simply blown away by the love from everywhere… calls, text, email, Facebook. Skype, twitter… receiving reading them all has been quite an unbelievably humbling experience.

I am happy to have been able to share my journey so far with many people… so many steps along the way have been attributable to some amazing relationships I feel very fortunate to have made both before cycling and since beginning this thrilling sport. Multiple influences and lessons i’ve learned from many wonderful people came together last Saturday that enabled me to show how I can race a bike… I can’t wait for more, this is just the beginning!