Not the way it should be – Day 3 @NVGP

Tonight while racing stage 3 here at the NVGP in uptown Minneapolis my teammate Shelley Olds crashed in the final turn on the second last lap of our race, behind her at least ten other riders also went down in a massive pile up. She is currently in hospital completing investigations, in a lot of pain but is expected to be released this evening.

This is not how I want to write a blog.. mentioning the words crash, ambulance, hospital should not have to happen when reporting on our sporting pursuits but it does and for some reason it seems at an increasing rate.

I was rocked a few weeks ago by the 3 tragic deaths we had in the cycling community. It is a struggle at these times when tragic circumstances come completely unjustified, to see through it and say ‘its just sport’ or ‘its part of the deal’ is not right, its larger than that and  if things can be done to reduce the extent of race crashes then moves should be made towards achieving this. Michael Barry (pro rider for Team Sky) spoke out just this week about cycling race safety he postulated some excellent points and explanations for the vast increase in cycling trauma and where the responsibility lies in creating a safer peloton for the future. When sport starts playing with poeple’s lives you have to take a step back and ask the vital questions… who will put their hand up for change?